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WorkspacesInfo Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Corner { CornerTopLeft, CornerTopRight, CornerBottomRight, CornerBottomLeft }
enum  Orientation { OrientationHorizontal, OrientationVertical }


void columnsChanged (int columns)
void countChanged (int count)
void currentChanged (int current)
void orientationChanged (Orientation orientation)
void rowsChanged (int rows)
void startingCornerChanged (Corner startingCorner)

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE bool changeCurrent (int newWorkspace)
int columns () const
int count () const
int current () const
Orientation orientation () const
int rows () const
Corner startingCorner () const
 WorkspacesInfo (QObject *parent=0)


int columns
int count
int current
Orientation orientation
int rows
Corner startingCorner

Private Member Functions

unsigned long * getX11IntProperty (Atom property, long length)
void updateCurrentWorkspace ()
void updateWorkspaceGeometry ()

Static Private Member Functions

static bool globalEventFilter (void *message)
static void internX11Atoms ()

Private Attributes

int m_columns
int m_count
int m_current
Orientation m_orientation
int m_rows
Corner m_startingCorner

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file workspacesinfo.h.

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