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WindowInfo Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  RoleNames { RoleWindowInfo, RoleDesktopFile, RoleWorkspace }


void contentXidChanged (unsigned int contentXid)
void decoratedXidChanged (unsigned int decoratedXid)
void desktopFileChanged (QString desktopFile)
void iconChanged (QString icon)
void positionChanged (QPoint position)
void sizeChanged (QSize size)
void titleChanged (QString title)
void workspaceChanged (int workspace)
void zChanged (unsigned int z)

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE void activate ()
unsigned int contentXid () const
unsigned int decoratedXid () const
QString desktopFile () const
QString icon () const
QPoint position () const
void setContentXid (unsigned int contentXid)
void setWorkspace (int workspaceNumber)
QSize size () const
QString title () const
 WindowInfo (unsigned int contentXid=0, QObject *parent=0)
int workspace () const
unsigned int z () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void showWindow (WnckWindow *window)


QString desktopFile
QString icon
unsigned int
QPoint position
QSize size
QString title
int workspace

Private Member Functions

unsigned int findTopmostAncestor (unsigned int xid)
BamfWindow * getBamfWindowForApplication (BamfApplication *application, unsigned int xid)
WnckWindow * getWnckWindowForXid (unsigned int xid)
bool isSameBamfWindow (BamfWindow *other)
void updateGeometry ()
void updateWorkspace ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void onWorkspaceChanged (WnckWindow *window, gpointer user_data)

Private Attributes

BamfApplication * m_bamfApplication
BamfWindow * m_bamfWindow
unsigned int m_contentXid
unsigned int m_decoratedXid
QPoint m_position
QSize m_size
WnckWindow * m_wnckWindow


class WindowsList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file windowinfo.h.

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