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VisibilityController Class Reference

#include <visibilitycontroller.h>

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Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE void beginForceVisible (const QString &service=QString())
Q_INVOKABLE void endForceVisible (const QString &service=QString())
 VisibilityController (Unity2dPanel *panel)

Private Types

enum  AutoHideMode { ManualHide, AutoHide, IntelliHide }
typedef QHash< QString, int > ForceVisibleCountHash

Private Slots

void slotServiceUnregistered (const QString &)
void update ()
void updatePanelVisibility (bool)

Private Member Functions

 Q_DISABLE_COPY (VisibilityController)
void setBehavior (AbstractVisibilityBehavior *)

Private Attributes

< AbstractVisibilityBehavior
QDBusServiceWatcher * m_dbusWatcher
ForceVisibleCountHash m_forceVisibleCountHash
GConfItemQmlWrapper * m_hideModeKey

Detailed Description

This class monitors the hide_mode gconf key and set up an instance of AbstractVisibilityBehavior depending on its value

It also tracks requests for forced visibility: the launcher or another application (through launcher DBus API) can request the launcher to stay visible for a while, for example because an application requests attention or because the dash is visible. This is handled by the beginForceVisible() and endForceVisible() methods.

Internally it maintains a refcount-per-app of forced visibility requests so that it can restore the default mode if an application quits without calling endForceVisible().

Definition at line 51 of file visibilitycontroller.h.

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