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PlaceEntry Class Reference

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Public Slots

virtual void onDragEnter (DeclarativeDragDropEvent *)
virtual void onDrop (DeclarativeDragDropEvent *)


void activeChanged ()
void activeChanged (bool)
void activeSectionChanged ()
void counterChanged (int)
void counterVisibleChanged (bool)
void emblemChanged (QString)
void emblemVisibleChanged (bool)
void entryGroupsModelChanged ()
void entryGroupsModelNameChanged ()
void entryRendererHintsChanged ()
void entryRendererNameChanged ()
void entryResultsModelChanged ()
void entryResultsModelNameChanged ()
void entrySearchQueryChanged ()
void globalGroupsModelChanged ()
void globalGroupsModelNameChanged ()
void globalRendererHintsChanged ()
void globalRendererNameChanged ()
void globalResultsModelChanged ()
void globalResultsModelNameChanged ()
void globalSearchQueryChanged ()
void hintsChanged ()
void iconChanged (QString)
void launchingChanged (bool)
void menuChanged (QObject *)
void mimetypesChanged ()
void nameChanged (QString)
void positionChanged (uint)
void progressBarVisibleChanged (bool)
void progressChanged (float)
void rendererInfoChanged ()
void runningChanged (bool)
void searchHintChanged (QString)
void sectionsChanged ()
void sensitiveChanged (bool)
void shortcutKeyChanged (Qt::Key)
void showEntryChanged (bool)
void updated ()
void urgentChanged (bool)
void windowCountChanged (int)

Public Member Functions

virtual Q_INVOKABLE void activate ()
virtual bool active () const
int activeSection () const
void connectToRemotePlaceEntry ()
virtual int counter () const
virtual bool counterVisible () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void createMenuActions ()
QString dbusName () const
QString dbusObjectPath () const
virtual QString emblem () const
virtual bool emblemVisible () const
DeeListModel * entryGroupsModel ()
QString entryGroupsModelName () const
QMap< QString, QVariant > entryRendererHints () const
QString entryRendererName () const
DeeListModel * entryResultsModel ()
QString entryResultsModelName () const
QString entrySearchQuery () const
QString fileName () const
DeeListModel * globalGroupsModel ()
QString globalGroupsModelName () const
QMap< QString, QVariant > globalRendererHints () const
QString globalRendererName () const
DeeListModel * globalResultsModel ()
QString globalResultsModelName () const
QString globalSearchQuery () const
QString groupName () const
QMap< QString, QVariant > hints () const
virtual QString icon () const
virtual bool launching () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void launchNewInstance ()
QObject * menu () const
QStringList mimetypes () const
virtual QString name () const
Placeplace () const
 PlaceEntry (const PlaceEntry &other)
 PlaceEntry (QObject *parent=0)
uint position () const
virtual float progress () const
virtual bool progressBarVisible () const
virtual bool running () const
QString searchHint () const
DeeListModel * sections () const
bool sensitive () const
void setActive (bool)
void setActiveSection (int)
void setDbusName (QString)
void setDbusObjectPath (QString)
void setEntryGroupsModel (DeeListModel *)
void setEntryGroupsModelName (QString)
void setEntryRendererHints (QMap< QString, QVariant >)
void setEntryRendererName (QString)
void setEntryResultsModel (DeeListModel *)
void setEntryResultsModelName (QString)
void setEntrySearchQuery (QString)
void setFileName (QString)
void setGlobalGroupsModel (DeeListModel *)
void setGlobalGroupsModelName (QString)
void setGlobalRendererHints (QMap< QString, QVariant >)
void setGlobalRendererName (QString)
void setGlobalResultsModel (DeeListModel *)
void setGlobalResultsModelName (QString)
void setGlobalSearchQuery (QString)
void setGroupName (QString)
void setHints (QMap< QString, QVariant >)
void setIcon (QString)
void setMimetypes (QStringList)
void setName (QString)
void setPosition (uint)
void setSearchHint (const QString &)
void setSections (DeeListModel *)
void setSensitive (bool)
void setShortcutKey (Qt::Key)
void setShowEntry (bool)
Qt::Key shortcutKey () const
bool showEntry () const
void updateInfo (const PlaceEntryInfoStruct &info)
virtual bool urgent () const
virtual int windowCount () const

Protected Attributes



bool active
int activeSection
int counter
bool counterVisible
QString dbusName
QString dbusObjectPath
QString emblem
bool emblemVisible
DeeListModel entryGroupsModel
QString entryGroupsModelName
QMap entryRendererHints
QString entryRendererName
DeeListModel entryResultsModel
QString entryResultsModelName
QString entrySearchQuery
QString fileName
DeeListModel globalGroupsModel
QString globalGroupsModelName
QMap globalRendererHints
QString globalRendererName
DeeListModel globalResultsModel
QString globalResultsModelName
QString globalSearchQuery
QString groupName
QMap hints
QString icon
bool launching
QObject menu
QStringList mimetypes
QString name
Place place
uint position
float progress
bool progressBarVisible
bool running
QString searchHint
DeeListModel sections
bool sensitive
Qt::Key shortcutKey
bool showEntry
bool urgent
int windowCount

Private Slots

void connectToDash ()
void onRendererInfoChanged (const RendererInfoStruct &)
void onSectionTriggered ()
void slotDashActiveChanged (bool)
void slotDashActivePlaceEntryChanged (const QString &)
void slotSectionsChanged ()
void startMonitoringSections ()
void stopMonitoringSections ()
void updateActiveState ()

Private Member Functions

void activateEntry (const int section)
void setSection (const QString &)
void startRemotePlaceOnDemand ()

Private Attributes

bool m_active
int m_activeSection
bool m_dashActive
QString m_dashActivePlaceEntry
QDBusInterface * m_dashDbusIface
QDBusInterface * m_dbusIface
QString m_dbusName
QString m_dbusObjectPath
DeeListModel * m_entryGroupsModel
QString m_entryGroupsModelName
QMap< QString, QVariant > m_entryRendererHints
QString m_entryRendererName
DeeListModel * m_entryResultsModel
QString m_entryResultsModelName
QString m_entrySearchQuery
QString m_fileName
DeeListModel * m_globalGroupsModel
QString m_globalGroupsModelName
QMap< QString, QVariant > m_globalRendererHints
QString m_globalRendererName
DeeListModel * m_globalResultsModel
QString m_globalResultsModelName
QString m_globalSearchQuery
QString m_groupName
QMap< QString, QVariant > m_hints
QString m_icon
QStringList m_mimetypes
QString m_name
uint m_position
QString m_searchHint
DeeListModel * m_sections
bool m_sensitive
bool m_showEntry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file placeentry.h.

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