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LauncherDevice Class Reference

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Public Slots

virtual void onDragEnter (DeclarativeDragDropEvent *)
virtual void onDrop (DeclarativeDragDropEvent *)


void activeChanged (bool)
void counterChanged (int)
void counterVisibleChanged (bool)
void emblemChanged (QString)
void emblemVisibleChanged (bool)
void iconChanged (QString)
void launchingChanged (bool)
void menuChanged (QObject *)
void nameChanged (QString)
void progressBarVisibleChanged (bool)
void progressChanged (float)
void runningChanged (bool)
void shortcutKeyChanged (Qt::Key)
void urgentChanged (bool)
void windowCountChanged (int)

Public Member Functions

virtual Q_INVOKABLE void activate ()
virtual bool active () const
virtual int counter () const
virtual bool counterVisible () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void createMenuActions ()
Q_INVOKABLE void eject ()
virtual QString emblem () const
virtual bool emblemVisible () const
Q_INVOKABLE GVolume * getVolume ()
virtual QString icon () const
 LauncherDevice (const LauncherDevice &other)
virtual bool launching () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void launchNewInstance ()
QObject * menu () const
virtual QString name () const
Q_INVOKABLE void open ()
virtual float progress () const
virtual bool progressBarVisible () const
virtual bool running () const
void setShortcutKey (Qt::Key)
Q_INVOKABLE void setVolume (GVolume *volume)
Qt::Key shortcutKey () const
virtual bool urgent () const
virtual int windowCount () const

Protected Attributes



bool active
int counter
bool counterVisible
QString emblem
bool emblemVisible
QString icon
bool launching
QObject menu
QString name
float progress
bool progressBarVisible
bool running
Qt::Key shortcutKey
bool urgent
int windowCount

Private Slots

void onEjectTriggered ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void onMountUnmounted (GMount *mount, GAsyncResult *res)
static void onVolumeEjected (GVolume *volume, GAsyncResult *res)
static void onVolumeMounted (GVolume *volume, GAsyncResult *res)

Private Attributes

GVolume * m_volume

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file launcherdevice.h.

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