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LauncherApplication Class Reference

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Public Slots

virtual void onDragEnter (DeclarativeDragDropEvent *)
virtual void onDrop (DeclarativeDragDropEvent *)


void activeChanged (bool)
void applicationTypeChanged (QString)
void closed ()
void counterChanged (int)
void counterVisibleChanged (bool)
void desktopFileChanged (QString)
void emblemChanged (QString)
void emblemVisibleChanged (bool)
void executableChanged (QString)
void hasVisibleWindowChanged (bool)
void iconChanged (QString)
void launchingChanged (bool)
void menuChanged (QObject *)
void nameChanged (QString)
void progressBarVisibleChanged (bool)
void progressChanged (float)
void runningChanged (bool)
void shortcutKeyChanged (Qt::Key)
void stickyChanged (bool)
void urgentChanged (bool)
void windowAdded (uint xid)
void windowCountChanged (int)

Public Member Functions

virtual Q_INVOKABLE void activate ()
virtual bool active () const
QString application_type () const
Q_INVOKABLE void close ()
virtual int counter () const
virtual bool counterVisible () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void createMenuActions ()
QString desktop_file () const
virtual QString emblem () const
virtual bool emblemVisible () const
QString executable () const
bool has_visible_window () const
virtual QString icon () const
 LauncherApplication (const LauncherApplication &other)
virtual bool launching () const
virtual Q_INVOKABLE void launchNewInstance ()
QObject * menu () const
virtual QString name () const
virtual float progress () const
virtual bool progressBarVisible () const
virtual bool running () const
void setBamfApplication (BamfApplication *application)
void setDesktopFile (const QString &desktop_file)
Q_INVOKABLE void setIconGeometry (int x, int y, int width, int height, uint xid=0)
void setShortcutKey (Qt::Key)
void setSnStartupSequence (SnStartupSequence *sequence)
void setSticky (bool sticky)
Qt::Key shortcutKey () const
Q_INVOKABLE void spread (bool showAllWorkspaces=false)
bool sticky () const
void updateOverlaysState (const QString &sender, QMap< QString, QVariant > properties)
virtual bool urgent () const
virtual int windowCount () const

Protected Attributes



bool active
QString application_type
int counter
bool counterVisible
QString desktop_file
QString emblem
bool emblemVisible
QString executable
bool has_visible_window
QString icon
bool launching
QObject menu
QString name
float progress
bool progressBarVisible
bool running
Qt::Key shortcutKey
bool sticky
bool urgent
int windowCount

Private Slots

void beginForceUrgent (int duration)
void checkDesktopFileReallyRemoved ()
void dynamicQuicklistImporterServiceOwnerChanged (const QString &serviceName, const QString &oldOwner, const QString &newOwner)
void endForceUrgent ()
bool launch ()
void onBamfApplicationClosed (bool running)
void onDesktopFileChanged (const QString &)
void onIndicatorMenuUpdated ()
void onKeepTriggered ()
void onLaunchingTimeouted ()
void onQuitTriggered ()
void onStaticShortcutTriggered ()
void onWindowAdded (BamfWindow *)
void show ()
void slotChildAdded (BamfView *)
void slotChildRemoved (BamfView *)
void updateHasVisibleWindow ()
void updateWindowCount ()

Private Member Functions

void createDynamicMenuActions ()
void createStaticMenuActions ()
void fetchIndicatorMenus ()
void monitorDesktopFile (const QString &)
void setDynamicQuicklistImporter (const QString &service)
void updateBamfApplicationDependentProperties ()
template<typename T >
bool updateOverlayState (QMap< QString, QVariant > properties, QString propertyName, T *member)
int windowCountOnCurrentWorkspace ()

Private Attributes

GAppInfoPointer m_appInfo
QPointer< BamfApplication > m_application
int m_counter
bool m_counterVisible
QFileSystemWatcher * m_desktopFileWatcher
QScopedPointer< DBusMenuImporter > m_dynamicQuicklistImporter
QString m_dynamicQuicklistPath
QDBusServiceWatcher * m_dynamicQuicklistServiceWatcher
QString m_emblem
bool m_emblemVisible
bool m_forceUrgent
bool m_has_visible_window
QHash< QString,
DBusMenuImporter * > 
int m_indicatorMenusReady
QTimer m_launching_timer
float m_progress
bool m_progressBarVisible
SnStartupSequencePointer m_snStartupSequence
IndicatorDesktopShortcutsPointer m_staticShortcuts
bool m_sticky


class LauncherApplicationsListDBUS

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file launcherapplication.h.

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